Ammonia nitrogen remover JS-HSHS-01 (medium and low concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment)

Ammonia nitrogen remover JS-HSHS-01 (medium and low concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment)

2020-02-24 13:57



Scope of application: low and medium concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater, ammonia wastewater

Typical industries: ternary precursors, new energy, fine chemical, coal chemical, petrochemical, non-ferrous metals, rare earth, metallurgical and other industries, ammonia nitrogen wastewater,

Technical introduction:

According to different ammonia nitrogen concentration in wastewater, wastewater can be divided into three categories: high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater (NH3-N> 500mg / l), medium concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater (NH3-N: 50-500mg / l), low concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater (NH3-N <50mg / l).

The high-efficiency ammonia nitrogen remover JS-HSHS-01 independently developed by our company is suitable for low-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater (NH3-N <50mg / l). The basic principle is to convert the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater to a free state (nitrogen, nitrogen, Nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide), so as to achieve the purpose of purification; can be widely used in chemical, rare earth, non-ferrous metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, ternary, new energy and other industries to treat low-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater.

It can also be used for advanced treatment and emergency treatment of sewage exceeding standards.


Main feature:

(1) High effective ingredients, low dosage, 15g / g (NH3-N); fast reaction speed (1-5 minutes);

(2) High ammonia nitrogen removal efficiency (effluent ammonia nitrogen is less than 5mg / L);

(3) Wide range of applicable pH (3-12);

(4) No residue after the reaction, no secondary pollution, and no impact on other water quality indicators;

(5) Appearance is white granule powder, which can be added directly, which is convenient to use.




Safety, packaging and storage:

Safety: This product is a general chemical. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.

Packaging: 25kg / drum.

Storage: Store at room temperature and protected from light. Shelf life: 18 months.

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