High-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment and recycling technology

High-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment and recycling technology

2020-02-24 14:01

Scope of application: high-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater, ammonia-containing wastewater, ammonia water recovery, ammonia gas recovery, ammonia nitrogen wastewater recycling

Typical industries: ternary precursors, new energy, fine chemical, coal chemical, petrochemical, non-ferrous metals, rare earth, metallurgical and other industries

Technical introduction:

High-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment and recycling technology is a new generation of energy-saving and high-efficiency complete set (equipment) technology with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company based on years of engineering practice experience, combined with domestic and foreign advanced wastewater treatment design concepts and equipment. No. 201510309667.4. The basic process principle is to increase the temperature of the wastewater by using steam under high pH conditions, to convert the free ammonia in the wastewater to ammonia gas escape, to achieve the removal of ammonia from the wastewater, and then to achieve ammonia recycling through condensation absorption or other methods. .

Our technology is designed with energy saving and consumption reduction in mind. It optimizes the entire process flow and equipment from the aspects of thermodynamics, gas-liquid mass transfer kinetics, and tower internal structure, and considers resource-based solutions while meeting wastewater discharge standards. , Is at the domestic leading level, and has a large number of successful cases in various industries in China.

Has the following economic and technological advantages:

1) Simple process flow and small footprint

2) High degree of automation, convenient operation management and maintenance

3) The core tower equipment has high separation efficiency, anti-blocking, difficult to scale, and large operation flexibility (70-130%) (patent number CN201520646904.1)

4) Low steam consumption (70-130kg / ton of water), saving operating costs

5) High ammonia removal efficiency (99%). The effluent meets the standard once discharge (minimum ammonia nitrogen in the effluent can reach below 10mg / L)

6) Recycling of ammonia nitrogen (recovering high-concentration ammonia water or ammonia gas); no secondary pollution

7) Equipment design is mature, construction period is short; investment cost is small




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