Chemical and pharmaceutical industry-Anhui Xuancheng Yabang Chemical

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Chemical and pharmaceutical industry-Anhui Xuancheng Yabang Chemical

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Case details

Jiangsu Jinrun Environmental Production Engineering Co., Ltd.-Introduction of typical engineering cases-Chemical

Xuancheng Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. (High-efficiency energy-saving stripping, ammonia removal and ammonia recovery technology)

Company name Xuancheng Yabang Chemical Co., Ltd. Unit address 70 Xuancheng Industrial Road, Anhui Province
Project scale 1200t/day Industry Chemical industry Sign a contract 2016.12 Project Acceptance 2017.6
Project nature New Contracting EPC general contractor
project name 1200 tons/day high ammonia-nitrogen wastewater treatment project Process flow Pretreatment + BUCT-DFAT ammonium water recycling
Design Parameters (1) Design water intake index
Project Index Unit Water volume
Temperature Normal temperature 1200t/d
pH ≥11.5 Dimensionless
COD ≤6000 mg/L
Calcium ion ≤3100 mg/L
Chloride ≤2500 mg/L
NH4-N 7000-8000 mg/L

(2) Design the water index
Project Index Unit Water volume
pH 6-9 Dimensionless  
NH4-N ≤15 mg/L
Calcium ion ≤50 mg/L

(3) Design exhaust emission index
Standard Project Index Unit
GB14554-93 NH3 ≤4.9 kg/h

Notes: The Emission Standards for Odor Pollutants is executed, and the design height of the discharge chimney is 15m; organized discharge.

(4) Operational flexibility
Operation process Operating time Production shift Operational flexibility
Continuous operation 8000 hours / year Three shifts in four shifts 80-110%
Process flow JR

Device parameters

(5) Core process equipment parameters
Number Name Specification Material Quantity
1 Plate preheater 180m2 316L 1 station
2 BUCT-DFAT tower φ2300×23000mm Q235/2205/316L 1 set
3 Ammonia condenser 320㎡ 304 1 set
4 Gas-liquid separator φ1800×2500mm 304 1 set
5 Tail gas purification tower φ1200/1000/400×15000mm Q235/304 1 set
6 Ammonium water cooler 20㎡ 304 1 station

Note: The above is the main core equipment, and the remaining facilities are not listed yet.

Economic index

(6) Economic and technical indicators of engineering
Number Name Unit Value
1 Area m2 ≈300(Including pretreatment)
2 Installed power kw·h /
3 Operating power kw·h ≈150(Including pretreatment)
4 Water capacity m3/h 50
5 Pollutant emission reduction (NH4-N) kg/d 1800
6 Water inlet index (NH4-N) mg/L 7500
7 Water output index (NH4-N) mg/L 10
8 Steam consumption kg/t 101
9 Recovered ammonia concentration % 20
10 Recovery of ammonia water production kg/h 2206
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